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Primary teeth emergence in relation to nutritional status among 4-48 months old children in Baghdad city


Nutritional status is one of the most important factor that affect the time of emergence of primary teeth. The aim of this research was to estimate emergence time of primary teeth among well- nourished Iraqi children from Baghdad city. The total sample composed of 2561children, aged 4-48 months, randomly selected from primary health care centers. Weight for age indicator was used for purpose of assessment of nutritional status. The prevalence of malnutrition described by weight for age indicator was found to be 8.4%. Among well nourished children at approximately (8 months +21 days) of age the first tooth emerges and the primary teeth are in full function at 27 months for both gender. Wile among underweight children the first tooth to be emerged at (10 months +21 days). Among well nourished children, the highest time span was found for second molar in maxilla and mandible while among underweighted children the highest time span was found for lateral incisor in maxilla and mandible. In conclusion eruption is a growth process and therefore have a relation with other process of the body especially height and weight


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