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Performance Evaluation of Reverse Osmosis Process in Al-Dura Power Station

Author: Hasan Ferhood Makki
Journal: Basrah Journal for Engineering Science مجلة البصرة للعلوم الهندسية ISSN: Print: 18146120; Online: 23118385 Year: 2009 Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Pages: 122-130
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


The present work aims to study the performance of reverse osmosis process at Al-Dura power station. The selected membrane which is used in this work is made from polyamide (thin film composite membrane (TFC)) constructed as spiral wound module. The basic advantages of this type of membrane are the higher productivity compared with the total volume of the module, and stability of the polymer towards the chemical effect. It was found that recovery percentage (or product rate), rejection percentage (or solute concentration in product), and concentration factor decreases ‘with increasing operating time the reverse osmosis unit, whereas, the operating pressure for reverse osmosis unit increase with time. Maximum salt rejection percentage and Maximum recovery percentage were determined to be 96% and 75% respectively for polyamide membrane.


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