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انسنة التراث عند محمد أركون

Author: د.عامر عبد زيد
Journal: kufa studies center journal مجلة مركز دراسات الكوفة ISSN: 19937016 Year: 2010 Volume: 1 Issue: 16 Pages: 45-62
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


. 1 verbal or apparent meaning of the subject: it comes to the content of the topic Alansenp, and also produces clear interpretation of the term Te, and can transmit the verbal meaning to a number of semantic levels in the case of possession subject to different meanings or in the understanding of the subject in various ways that would specifically The exact levels indicative that allows us to the subject and turned on the richness and capacity at the same time as verbal note on the concept of "Alansenp" Valienbua Aldavq of a rich neighborhood is always a human, and humans only, even if it is forgotten or forgetting that asset, Vanhq himself and the imposition of a Existential elements of the other, so that makes the link and the link of the metropolitan.
. And, consequently, a concept central column to the presence of inherent, the so-called date-General of the name of "humanitarian Humanism" There is a difference between the concept of "Alonsnip" refers to the tendency of humanity, that human value is the highest in existence, as opposed to "humanities" as Article university dealing with languages and the arts, literature and history, or more limited sense as the study of classical literature Greek and Roman civilizations. As well as discrimination on the tendency of "Humanism," which is used to denote the tendency or propensity to humanitarian or claim .. and thanks sculpture term Alonsnip (synonymous with the term Western Humanism) Professor Fawaz Trabulsi, in the context of the latest literature translated the late Edward Said, a book, "Alonsnip Monetary and Democratic Humanism and Democratic Criticism ", required a complete translation sculpture accommodate the Arabic term implications of intellectual deposited by Said his latest book, which highlights the intellectual and moral development has been the culmination of its commitment to approach Alonsni) (1).
. 2 semantic analysis of the subject: We are here to analyze the deep meanings of the terms of the subject and the type of vocabulary used and what can be called "records meanings" In addition to a subject in itself.
: First: definitions of the most important philosophers in this area are the following

في بداية الكلام عن البحث تناول الباحث مفهوم الانسنة في الجانب الفلسفي من خلال الفلاسفة الذين عرفوها. وفي جانب اخر تحدث البحث عن الانسنة التراث عند اركون حيث تحدث عن فهم اركون لهذا المفهوم عبر بنائه (اسلاميات تطبيقية) وقد حدد قراءته ضمن مقاربات معينة بقوله (اننا نجد انفسنا امام اربع مقاربات او طرائق ممكنه في اربع خطابات متنافسة وقد حددها بالخطاب الاسلامي الحالي والخطاب الاسلامي الكلاسيكي والخطاب الاستشراقي وخطاب المستخدم في علوم الانسان والمجتمع.

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