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Numerical Study of the Influence of Vortex Generator on Flow Structure and Heat Transfer Around a Cube Mounted in Channel


Numerical Investigation of the influence of vortex generator on the enhancement of heat transfer from a wall mounted cube which placed in the middle of a rectangularchannel have been conducted using finite – volume method . The momentum andconvective heat transfer equations were discretized and solve using large – eddysimulation (LES). In order to study the influence of vortex generator on the flowstructures and heat transfer coefficient, the flow which considered a fully developedturbulent flow and the convective heat transfer equations were solved around twocube configurations: a smooth cube and a cube with vortex generator attached to itssurface . The vortex generator used in this paper is a simple rib attached to the top andthe side walls of the cube, in the steam wise middle of the cube . The flow Reynoldsnumber based on the bulk velocity and the height of the channel was 13000 . The LESresults were compared with the experimental data of [6],a good agreement wasobtained . Also the results showed that the flow in the boundary layer around the cubewith vortex generator is more turbulent and unsteady than the flow around the smoothcube without the vortex generator. More turbulent structures are generated close to thesurface of the cube resulting in a good mixing of heat and hence high heat transfercoefficient and this investigation is a efficient way to enhance the heat transfer fromthe cube with vortex generator .

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