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Study of Cytopathological effect of B-hemolysin of Aeromonas hydrophila

Author: Rasmyia Abed Abu-risha Bahaa Abdullah Laftaah AL-Rubai Faiza Kadhim Emran Biology department
Journal: journal of the college of basic education مجلة كلية التربية الاساسية ISSN: 18157467(print) 27068536(online) Year: 2013 Volume: 19 Issue: 77 Pages: 1-8
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


ABSTRACT In this study, the local isolate of genus Aeromonas hydrophila which isolated from local fresh water was used,. This bacterium was investigated to produce B-hemolysin, the haemolytic activity of hemolysin against different RBCs sources shown human RBC s was optimum for hemolysis with value 65 unit, while sheep and rabbit RBCs hemolysis were 55, 52 unit respectively. The Histopathological effects for hemolysin and bacterial suspension were study, it was found that the hemolysin more active on kidney tissue of injected mice and caused many changes comparatively with bacterial suspension include atrophy of renal glomerulus, degeneration of nucleus , vaculation of cytoplasm , PMNs filtration and few hemorrhage in kidney tissue.

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