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Effect of Ionized Water (Alkaline and Acidic) On Productive Performance of Broiler
تأثير استخذام الماء المتأين (القلوي والحامض ) على الأداء الإنتاجي لفروج اللحم

Authors: Mohammed Ali Hussein محمد علي حسين --- Saad. A-H.Naji سعد عبد الحسين ناجي
Journal: iraqi poultry sciences journal مجلة علوم الدواجن العراقية ISSN: 18170927 Year: 2014 Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Pages: 54-62
Publisher: Poultry Science Association جمعية علوم الدواجن


The present study was carried out at Poultry Farm ,Animal Resources Department, College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad during the period from 10/1/2014 to 20/2/2014 to study the effect of ionized water (alkaline and acidic) on productive performance (Live body weight, Carcass weight, primary body weight gain, mortality, product Index, dressing percentage and relative weight of major and minor carcass cuts) of broilers. Three hundred one day old Ross-308 broiler chicks , average body weight 38 g/chick were randomaly allocated into 3 treatment groups (100 chick/treatment) with 4 replicates per each (25 chicks/replicate). Treatments were as follows: T1: Tap water (pH 7.14) , T2: alkaline ionized water (pH 8.5), T3: acidic ionized water (pH 4.8). Results showed high significant increasing in live body weight and total body weight gain in T2 group as compared to control (T1) and T3 groups at 6 weeks of age.Also, high significant increasing in productive index were found in T2 group as compared to T1 and T3 groups, While, no significant differences were found between treatments in dressing percentage. Broiler chickens in T2 group showed significant increase in back cut%, While, T1,T2 and T3 didn,t differ among each other in major and minor carcass cuts.


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