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Imam Mahdi in the Arabic Poetry and His Publicity Effect
الإمام المهدي في الشِّعر العربيّ وأثره الإعلاميّ

Author: Ali KadhimSmesim علي كاظم جواد سميسم
Journal: Adab Al-Kufa مجلة اداب الكوفة ISSN: 19948999 Year: 2015 Volume: 1 Issue: 22 Pages: 131-226
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


This research attempts to study the Arabic poetry characteristics and its informative aspects that are directed to a receiver who interacts with it in certain issue; that of Imam Al –Mahdi( may His almighty God drive away his grieves).The research divides into different topics relating the poetry that cares for the issue of Imam Al- Mahdi; some of it preaches for the Imam, and some expresses grievances or complaint directed to the Imam and other aspects of life. All of this poetry expresses the oppression and injustice that the followers of the Imam suffer from in the different times. The research also deals with those who pretend the (Mahdawiah= being Imam Al- Mahdi) either ignoring the Imam`s right or seeking for the Divine position that should be obeyed. This research is based on informitivity which is considered as one of the poetry effects and expressional outlets.

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