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Identification of Some Annona Muricata L.(Soursop) Components and Their Antioxidant Effects in Rats

Author: Sarah Isam Abbas, Mustafa Taha Mohammed, Rehab Abd Al-Mahdi
Journal: Iraqi Academic Scientific Journal المجلة العراقية للاختصاصات الطبية ISSN: 16088360 Year: 2015 Volume: 14 Issue: 4 Pages: 576-580
Publisher: The Iraqi Borad for Medical Specialization المجلس العراقي للاختصاصات الطبية


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Oxidative stress defines that, the level of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) exists in excess of antioxidant defenses. This imbalance in the redox milieu results in a switch from ROS-stimulated ambient signaling processes to ROS-mediated pathophysiological consequences. Oxidative stress has been implicated in the installation and progression of several degenerative diseases via DNA mutation, protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation. Therefore, possible use of soursop fruit extract to protect brain against the Lipid peroxidation.OBJECTIVE: The present study was undertaken to evaluate the potential of Soursop (Annona Muricata L.) against the DPPH Free Radical Scavenging System and Lipid peroxidation.METHODS:Phytochemical screening was carried out with fruit extract of A. muricata for the detection of various phytochemicals. The extract was tested for the presence of glycosides, proteins, saponins, tannins, phenolic compounds , alkaloids , flavonoids, steroids and vitamine C using the standard procedures and then DPPH radical was estimated according to the method of Blois and Lipid peroxidation was estimated according to the method of Rajakumar.RESULTS: The study showed that the Soursop (Annona Muricata L.) in the fruit extract contain : glycosides , proteins, saponins ,tannins ,phenolic compounds, flavonoids , alkaloids , steroids and vitamine C . Fruit extract were found effective in scavenging DPPH (78,6℅) in concentration (250µl/ml), as well as inhibiting the lipid peroxidation (16.2℅). CONCLUSION: The results suggest that Soursop (Annona Muricata L.) treatment protects the rat brain against lipid peroxidation and DPPH free radical scavenging.

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