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Factors influence on Primigravida’s knowledge regarding exclusive breastfeeding benefits in Maternity Teaching Hospital: Erbil city - Kurdistan region – Iraq
العوامل المؤثرة على معرفة الحوامل لاول مرة فيما يتعلق بفوائد الرضاعة الطبيعية الحصرية في مستشفى الولادة التعليمي: مدينة أربيل - إقليم كوردستان - العراق

Author: Shukir Saleem Hasan
Journal: Zanco Journal of Medical Sciences مجلة زانكو للعلوم الطبية ISSN: 19955588/19955596 Year: 2016 Volume: 20 Issue: 3 Pages: 1505-1512
Publisher: Hawler Medical Univeristy جامعة هولير الطبية


Background and objective: A wealth of evidence demonstrates that exclusive breastfeeding provides numerous short-and long-term benefits for both mother and child. This study aimed to find out the association between socio-demographic characteristics and to predict the associated factors which influence on the knowledge of primigravidas.Methods: A Hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted at Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil city, Iraq, during the period from March 23rd, to July 1st, 2015. A convenience sample of 180 primigravidas was included in the study. Data were collected by using a questionnaire. Chi-square test and linear regression were used to investigate the significance association and predict the factors associated with knowledge.Results: The study found that most of the primigravidas were between 17 and 23 years old, housewives, primary school graduates, and living in low socio-economic status. The statistically significant association existed between age, education, socio-economic status and occupation of respondents with their knowledge. Linear regression predicted that the age and occupation were two factors associated with primigravida’s knowledge.Conclusion: Primigravida pregnant in Erbil city demonstrated poor knowledge concerning breastfeeding benefits, the study found a significant association between some of the variables with primigravidas knowledge and age and occupation were two factors which influenced primigravidas knowledge.

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