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A Comprehensive Survey on Orthodontic Retention Protocols Among Iraqi Orthodontists

Author: Hayder J. Attar
Journal: Journal of Oral and Dental Research مجلة طب الفم والاسنان ISSN: 23106417 Year: 2019 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-6
Publisher: Iraqi Association for Oral Research الجمعية العراقية لبحوث طب الفم


Background Little research has been conducted to evaluate protocols and trends in orthodontic retention. The objective is to identify the general retention protocols used among orthodontists in the Iraq. Materials and methods the study was conducted via an electronic survey (Survey Monkey® software facility) with branching logic on certain questions. The survey questionnaire was sent to 172 orthodontist members of the Iraqi Association of Orthodontists. Results Vacuum formed retainers were the most frequently used retainer type for the maxillary (61%) and mandibular arch (60%); followed by Hawley retainers (34%) in the maxillary and (30%) in mandibular arch; while fixed retainer was much less frequently used in maxillary arch(9%) and in the mandibular arch(19%). the orthodontists recommended an average of 22 hours a day (SD = 1.5) for retainers should be worn During the retention phase (duration average 9.2 months). The orthodontist responses revealed the patient compliance to the vacuum formed retainers about (43%) and (46%) for the maxillary and mandibular arch respectively; and for the Hawley retainers about (25%) and (40%) in maxillary and mandibular arch respectively, for the fixed retainers was reported as (25%) in the maxillary arch and (7%) in mandibular arch, (77%) of patient compliance to their retention protocol at the first six month after debonding that decrease to (46%) and (9.8%) after one and three years following active treatment respectively. Conclusion Vacuum Formed Retainers were the most common retainer choice in the maxilla and mandible with full-time wear which the orthodontist believed the more patient compliance followed by Hawley retainers then fixed retention.

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