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Kinetic Study of Carbon Dioxide Reaction with Binding Organic Liquids
دراسة ميكانيكية تفاعل ثاني اوكسيد الكاربون مع السوائل العضوية الملزمة

Authors: Sanaa Rabie Saleh --- Ahmed Daham Wiheeb
Journal: Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences مجلة تكريت للعلوم الهندسية ISSN: 1813162X 23127589 Year: 2019 Volume: 26 Issue: 1 Pages: 26-32
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


Binding organic liquids are strong base of amidine have been used for CO2 capture. Up to now, there is no known datum on the reaction kinetics of CO2 with 1.5-Diazabicyclo [4.3.0] non-5-ene (DBN). In this paper, Kinetics of reaction between CO2 and DBN/MDEA in 1-Pentanol was performed utilizing the stirred cell reactor with DBN concentration (2 – 2.9 M) and at room temperature. The reaction path was qualified using zwitterion and the termolecular mechanism.From the kinetic datum with DBN concentrations (2 - 2.9 M), it was found that the capturing process happened in a fast reaction system with a second-order reaction kinetics of DBN/MDEA and first order with CO2. In addition, CO2 absorption was achieved using gas-liquid contact system. CO2 absorption rate was (2 × 10−5 − 2.8 × 10−5 kmol m2 ⁄ . sec) at DBN concentration (2 – 2.9 M). Finally, it is known that DBN/MDEA/1-Pentanol/CO2 system is easily switchable and can be used both CO2 capture and for other applications that require rapidchange of medium from nonionic to ionic liquid.

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