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دراسة وتقييم اداء منشآت عبور السابلة في مدينة الحلة

Author: السيد عبد الكريم ناجي عبود
Journal: Iraqi journal of mechanical and material engineering المجلة العراقية للهندسة الميكانيكية وهندسة المواد ISSN: 20761819 Year: 2009 Volume: C Issue: first conf./ eng. coll. Pages: 408-422
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


The walk is the oldest uses in the means of transport it is very important forpedestrians in order to reached their destination or any other operations although thewalk is the main activities for the pedestrian which have the best results on humanhealth as well as the vehicles can not reach to the distention in some times unless by walk. the main problem in this study is the random crossing of pedestrian with no control on there movement also the geometric design of Al Hilla city hstop avoid the pedestrian problem therefore this research attempted to analysis theexists condition of pedestrian crossing then found some solutions in order to reduce theweaving condition between pedestrian characteristics and traffic operating. Pedestriantraffic volume data had collected in all study area during filed survey within peak hourvolume period . the research choose four sectors to described the pedestriancharacteristics they are ( 60 street , 40 street , bab Al Hoseen area and Babylon healthoffice intersection ) which they are residential, commercial, and education areaaccording to al hill master plan , also the research efforts to study the sidewalkconditions and its suitability in the study area , the research use home interview methodto learn the suitability of over pass crossing . the study recommended to construct overpass crossing for pedestrians with Carrey belt stairs and make the legislation andeducation for use them . ighway network


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