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التنمية الزراعية في قضاء الهاشمية ((المشاكل والحلول))


For the development of multiple concepts which it multi-dimensional concept that includes economic, social, cultural and political aspects and through the process of development as human interacts with the natural environment affects and is affected by them. Development is one of the important phenomena that man seeks to achieve so many competencies sought in science, including geography, economics, sociology to know it and calculate their rates and determine trends. As for agricultural development are all ways adopted to increase agricultural production. It has realized that most of the States of the importance of agriculture in the development of its economy being the agricultural states in the first place, thus becoming the agricultural development a priority in agricultural development plans of these countries. Alaanha not achieved tangible successes in agricultural production structure and that the lack of integrated rural development and attention to the rural rate low, therefore stability did not achieve the rural population, have shown us clearly in the most rural areas of Iraq, particularly in the central and southern regions of Iraq, which is the study a penalty which area . There are other concepts for agricultural development, including the increase Awalnmo administrative and planned, and can get on this growth by actions and measures taken by the authority

للتنمية مفاهيم متعددة منها انها مفهوم متعدد الابعاد يشمل الجوانب الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والثقافية والسياسية من خلال عملية التنمية اذ يتفاعل الانسان مع البيئة الطبيعية يؤثر ويتأثر فيها، وتعد التنمية من الظواهر المهمة التي يسعى الانسان الى تحقيقها ولذلك سعت اختصاصات عديدة في العلوم ومنها الجغرافية والاقتصاد والاجتماع للتعرف عليها وحساب معدلاتها وتحديد اتجاهاتها

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