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Extraction of Doping Profile in Substrate of MNOS capacitor Using Fast Voltage Ramp Deep Depletion C-V method

Author: A.K. Faiq
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics المجلة العراقية للفيزياء التطبيقية ISSN: 18132065 23091673 Year: 2010 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 35-40
Publisher: iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques الجمعية العراقية لمصادر وتقنيات الطاقة البديلة والمستجدة


Two MNOS C-V profiling methods are presented; the conventional C-V profiling, and deep depletion (DD) C-V, the former shows a lack of information at the onset of inversion mode, while the latter can be achieved by the application of high speed voltage ramp of sweep rate equals 1MV/s on the MNOS gate, meanwhile monitoring the current response of the time varying voltage, the entire DD C-V curve is traced on CRO screen with suitable DC voltage bias. The results show that doping profile can be extended 1 micron deeper inside the silicon, i.e., ten times of Debye's length, hence more accurate results can be achieved. Interface states densities have small effect on final doping profile, and doping reaches approximately a constant value deep inside the silicon compatible with experimental part.

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