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العلاقة بين فقر الدم الناتج عن نقص الحديد والاختلاجات الحرارية

Authors: AKREM M. AL-ATRUSHI اكرم الاتروشي --- KHALID N. ABDURRAHMAN خالد نواف عبدالرحمن
Journal: Duhok Medical Journal مجلة دهوك الطبية ISSN: ISSN: 20717334 (online)/ ISSN: 20717326 (Print) Year: 2010 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Pages: 60-66
Publisher: University of Dohuk جامعة دهوك


Background Febrile seizures (FS) are the most common type of seizures in children. Therelationship between iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and first FS has been examined in severalstudies with conflicting results.Purpose The purpose of this study was to determine the association between IDA and firstFS.Patients and Methods In this prospective case-control study we assessed 112 children with adiagnosis of first FS, aged between 5 months and 4 years who were admitted to theemergency unit of Hevi Children’s Hospital in Duhok/Kurdistan region/Iraq, or who visitedprivate office of the authors, during January 2006 to July 2009. The control group consistedof 120 febrile children without convulsion; controls were matched to the cases by gender andage. Patients and controls were reviewed to determine iron status using the hemoglobinconcentration (Hb), mean corpuscular volume, S. iron, and total iron binding capacity.Results A total of 35 (31.2%) of cases had IDA, compared to 14 (11.6%) of controls, whichis statistically significant, P = 0.003.Conclusion IDA was more frequent among children with FS than those with febrile illnessalone. The results suggest that IDA may be a risk factor for FS and screening for IDA shouldbe considered in children presenting with the first FS.

الخلفية: الاخخلاسبح امحرار جٍ ه وى الذر ايواػ امضرػ ش وٍؽب مدى الاعفبل. اسر حٍ ؽدد وى امتحود مخفش رٍ امؾلاقج ت ىٍ فقر امده اميبخز ؽى يقص امحد دٍ والاخخلاسبح امحرار جٍ الاومي وؼ يخبئز وخيبقظج.الاهداف: امغرط وى هذا امتحد هو موؾرفج امؾلاقج ت ىٍ فقر امده والاخخلاسبح امحرار جٍ الاومي.الطرق: خه ق بٍس يشتج امه وٍولنوت ىٍ وحسه املر بٍح امحورو يشتج امحد دٍ ف امده ل) 112 ( ورطٍ وضبة تبخخلارحرار اول‚ووى خراوحح اؽوبرهه ت ىٍ خوشج اشهر وارتؼ شيواح منفخرث وى لبيوى امذبي 2006 ومغب جٍ خووز 2002 . وف يفس اموقح خوح دراشج 120 عفلا وضبتب تحوي تدوى اخخلاسبح لوسووؽج ش عٍرث.النثبئج: غهر فقر امده اميبخز ؽى يقص امحد دٍ ف 35 ور ظٍب وقبريج ة 14 عفلا وى وسووؽج امش عٍرث.الاسثنثبج والارشبدات: فقر امده اميبخز ؽى يقص امحد دٍ الذر ش وٍؽب ت ىٍ الاعفبل اموضبت ىٍ تبلاخخلاسبح امحرار جٍ , مذمك سٍة امخحر ؽى ذمك.

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