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A cross-sectional tri-level study of the obesity effects on the salivary uric acid and total protein of gingivitis Iraqi subjects


Background: Obesity is the fastest growing health-related problem in the world. It plays an affecting role in thebiochemistry of many serious systemic diseases like diabetes and CVD. Periodontitis appeared to have a reciprocalrelationship with both, obesity on one hand side and the serious systemic diseases on other hand. The aim of study: isto investigate the inter linking between obesity and gingivitis by screening the salivary uric acid and total protein.Material and method: Control healthy periodontal and systemically-normal weight,27 male, ( CG), gingivitis–normalweight, systemically healthy(GN) 16 male, Gingivitis-overweight-systemically healthy(GOV) 14 male).and Gingivitisobese-systemically healthy(GO)12 male, aged 30-40 y, no smokers, Their weight measured according to BMI.Clinical data were recorded according to PL.I, GI, BOP, at the same hour of unstimulated saliva collection.Results: Obese subjects showed increased PL.I, G.I, BOP scores and high significant increase of salivary total protein.BOP; showed significant increase in bleeding sites as the Body Mass Index goes up. Uric acid showed, always,negative correlation with the totality of gingival inflammation parameters, they were significant only with normalweight subjects.Conclusion: Total protein. Appeared significantly positive correlated to gingivitis more than to the obesity. While Uricacid correlated insignificantly negative with the gingivitis but not to the increased body weight.The increased bodyweight also positively correlated to the gingival inflammation, these results could say that gingivitis modifies the salivarychemicals while the obesity enhances gingivitis

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