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Moniezia benedeni in camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Iraq

Authors: Anisimova EI. --- Al-Fatlawi MAA
Journal: Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences مجلة القادسية لعلوم الطب البيطري ISSN: 18185746 23134429 Year: 2017 Volume: 16 Issue: 2 Pages: 126-130
Publisher: Al-Qadisiyah University جامعة القادسية


The purpose of the herein study was to explore the infestation prevalence of the gastrointestinal helminths that affect Iraqi camels. For such reason, intestines from 120 camels obtained that were directly searched for the occurrence of such infestation. Among all samples, 15(12.5%) were recorded infected with Moniezia benedeni. 48 and 72 camels examined in Al-Diwaniyah and Najaf abattoir from September to December 2012, which have Moniezia benedeni 8.3% and 15.2% respectively. First and second age groups (G1, G2) showed a rate of infection at 12.5% and 11.5%, while the third group (G3) was 13%. Female appears highly infection rate than male (13.6%, 9.4%). A number of isolated Moniezia benedeni were 1-6, with range 2.6 cestodes per infected camel. Measurement of Moniezia benedeni was 48.9lenght and 2.76 cm width.


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