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Negation in Spoken Iraqi Arabic(SIA) with Reference to English

Author: Ali Hassan Mohammed Aljumaily علي حسن محمد الجميلي
Journal: JOURNAL OF HISTORICAL & CULTURAL STUDIES an academic magazin مجلة الدراسات التاريخية والحضارية ISSN: 20231116 Year: 2012 Volume: 4 Issue: 12 Pages: 354-370
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


In spoken Iraqi Arabic (SIA), a nasal consonant particle ~ /ma:/ plays a great role by attracting it to the verb phrase to indicate negation . The aim of the paper is to enable students differentiate between particles used in negation, and pointing out similarities and differences between the grammars of two languages .Despite the fact that universality of negation, languages differ in the methods by which it is manifested . Clausal negation is used to deny or reject a proposition .So, only the method which is known as verbal negation will be discussed in this paper. The negation of a clause in English and Arabic is radically different. In English is connected with the operator , in Arabic ,negation is achieved by means of certain particles which denote other semantic implications

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