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Effect Of Thermal Annealing On The Optical Properties Of Thin Films Of Polymer Blend (PMMA:PVC:PS)

Author: Ali N. Sabbar 1*, Karar M.Talib2, and Hassan T. Badh1
Journal: Almuthanna Journal of Pure Science (MJPS) مجلة المثنى للعلوم الصرفة ISSN: 22263284 Year: 2018 Volume: 5 Issue: 1
Publisher: Al-Muthanna University جامعة المثنى


In this paper, we report upon preparation and optical properties of the polymer blend(50%PMMA:25%PVC:25%PS) thin films. The thin films have been prepared with specific ratios using the castingtechnique at normal weather conditions. The films were subjected to heat treatment in varying temperatures for threehours. The results showed that increase thermal annealing temperature leads to decrease values of the direct and indirectenergy gap, but increase the extinction coefficient and optical conductivity. The refractive index, real and imaginarydielectric constants showed a heterogeneous behaviour. Thermal annealing by 80 oC and up leads to deformation thethin films.

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