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Ameliorative effect of black seed ( Nigella sativa L ) on the toxicity of aluminum in rabbits
التأثير الوقائي للحبة السوداء ( Nigella sativa L ) في التسمم بالألمنيوم في الأرانب

Author: Amira Kamil Mohammed اميرة كامل محمد
Journal: The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine المجلة الطبية البيطرية العراقية ISSN: 16095693 Year: 2010 Volume: 34 Issue: 2 Pages: 110-116
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


In the present study the biological activities of Nigella sativa on limitation and ameliorative detoxification of aluminum were investigated through evaluation of some hematological, biochemical parameters and histopathology. Eighteen mature rabbits were divided equally into three groups. Group 1 was served as a control group; group 2 was administrated orally with distill water both of AlCl3 ( sub lethal dose 200 mg / kg body weight ) and NS in dose of 10 g / liter; group 3 administrated NS only in same dose. The results are revealed significant elevation ( P<0.05 ) in RBCs count, Hb and PCV values in group 3 in comparison with groups 1 & 2; while the WBCs count decreased significantly in group 2 and increased significantly in group 3. serum ALT, AST, AP, creatinine, urea and uric acid concentration were increased significantly in group 2, while; the albumin concentration was decreased significantly in group 2, as well as histological changes in liver and kidney in group 2. These results indicate the protective effect of black seed against AlCl3 induced toxicity in rabbits.
Key words:AlCl3; black seeds; rabbits; toxicity


:AlCl3 --- black seeds --- rabbits --- toxicity

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