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Study the random walking of the ISX60 market index For the Iraq Stock Exchange

Authors: Assis. Lec. Sadik jafar Al-Attabi --- Assis. Lec. Siham Jabbar Mezher --- Assist. Prof. Dr. Salim AL-Hisnawi
Journal: Journal of Accounting and Financial Studies مجلة دراسات محاسبية ومالية ISSN: 18189431/26179849 Year: 2019 Volume: 14 Issue: 46 Pages: 109-118
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


This paper aimed to test random walking through the ISX60 market index for the ability to judge market efficiency at a weak level. The study used Serial Correlation Test, the Runs Test, the Variance Ratio Test, as well as the Rescaled Range Test.The population of the study represents of Iraq Stock Exchange. The study concluded accepting the hypothesis of the study that the returns of the ISX60 market index in the Iraqi market for securities does not follow the random walking in general and as a result the Iraq market for securities is inefficient within the weak level of efficiency and the study recommended need a supervisors work in the Iraqi market for securities to activate all means a which will work to communication with information to all investors and thus raise the efficiency of the Iraqi market for securities in order to the avoid of achieving unusual returns by some investors.

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