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The correlation between root resorption and some immune parameters in well- controlled type Ι diabetic patients during orthodontic treatment

Author: Ayam Alihassoon Taha ايمن علي حسون
Journal: Tikrit Journal for Dental Sciences مجلة تكريت لعلوم طب الاسنان ISSN: 20731213 Year: 2015 Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Pages: 95-104
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


Background:Type 1 diabetes mellitus is the result of a breakdown in immune regulation that leads to expansion of auto reactive CD4and CD8T- cells, autoantibody-producing B lymphocytes and activation of the innate immune system, so disturbances of immune system may be the cause and/or associated with diabetes mellitus. Some of these diabetic patients seek an orthodontic care. The orthodontist must remain vigilant as they may be the only health care professional seen by otherwise fit, young patients on a regular basis, and it is also important to implement risk control procedures during and after orthodontic treatment.Aims: The aim of this study was to analyze serum levels of immunoglobulins ( IgG, IgA , and IgM) ,and complement components (C3, and C4) after 6 months (T6) of orthodontic treatment in well-controlled type Ι diabetic patients wearing orthodontic appliance comparing with non-wearing group and to correlate these immune parameters with grade of root resorption which sometimes happen during orthodontic treatment .Materials and methods: Sixty well- controlled type Ι diabetic patients (HbA1c <8.5), were participating in this study. Thirty cases of them(16 male and 14 females) were wearing fixed orthodontic appliance, and the other thirty cases didn’t wear orthodontic appliances and considered as the controls (12 male and 18 females).The mean age of study groups was(15± 1SD) years. Periapical radiographs of the upper central incisors were obtained of all patients before(T0) and 6 months after(T6) orthodontic treatment. At (T6), root resorption was classified as grade 0 (no resorption) ,grade 1 (slight resorption), and grade 2 (moderate to severe resorption). Serum level of IgG , IgA, IgM ,C3, and C4 were analyzed after 6 months orthodontic treatment were determined using single radial immunodiffusion method (SRID) to the two study groups. Chi square test and T- test were used to assess the association between qualitative and quantitative results respectively ,while paired t- test was used to analyze the results after 6 months (T6) orthodontic treatment, differences were considered significant at P<0.05.

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