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Trace Elements in Serum and Seminal Plasma and Their Relationship to Infertility in Iraqi Males

Authors: Basil Y Salah --- Zina A Marrow --- Nahla M Tawfiq
Journal: Al-Kindy College Medical Journal مجلة كلية الطب الكندي ISSN: 18109543 Year: 2007 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Pages: 11-14
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: Environmental chemicals are thought to adversely affect human reproductive function.
Objective : To estimate the concentration of cadmium(Cd) , lead ( Pb ) and Zinc ( Zn ) in serum and seminal plasma among infertile men .
Methods: A sample of 70 infertile men was investigated. The relationship of trace elements concentration in serum and seminal plasma was studied in relation to sperm density, motility and sperm count.
Results: Except for Zinc the concentration of (Pb) and (Cd) were generally higher in serum than in seminal plasma. The mean concentration of (Zn) in seminal plasma was more than 25 times higher than in serum There were no statistical significant differences observed in the serum and seminal plasma levels of trace elements among the normospermic , oligospermic and azoospermic.
Conclusion: It seems that no significant relationship between these trace elements and the clinical classification of the infertile men was noted. Without considering environmental conditions of life and work, way of nutrition smoking and other possible factors, this study does not present great value.
Key words: Trace elements, infertility, seminal plasma

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