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Synthesis,Characterization of Some Metal Complexes with bis[O,O-2,3;O,O-5,6-(thiol(carboxylic)methylidene)]-L-Ascorbic Acidand Studies their Biological Activity

Authors: Fawzi Yahya Waddai, --- Falih Hassan Musa --- Huda Ahmed Fidhel
Journal: Journals kufa for chamical مجلة الكوفة للكيمياء ISSN: 20772351 Year: 2015 Issue: 10 Pages: 38
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


The reaction of bis[O,O-2,3;O,O-5,6-(chloro(carboxylic)methylidene)]-L-ascorbic acid with the excess of Sodium sulfide gave new product bis[O,O-2,3;O,O-5,6-(Thiol(carboxylic)methylidene)]-L-ascorbic acid(LS), which was isolated and characterized by 1H,13C-NMR, elemental analysis (C.H.N.S), mass spectroscopy, UV-visible and Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) methods. The complexes of the ligand (LS) with metal ions, M2+= (Cu, Co, Ni, Cd, Hg) and Cr3+were synthesized and characterized by FTIR, UV-Visible, molar conductance, atomic absorption, magnetic susceptibility, elemental analysis (C.H.N.S) methods. The analysis showed that the ligand (LS) is coordinating with metal ions through the tetradentate carboxylato and thiol groups manner resulting in six-coordinated metal ion in an octahedral geometry. The TLC for (LS) and complexes showed one spot for each indicating the purity of these compounds.The study of biological activity of the ligand (LS) and (Co2+, Cu2+, Cd2+) complexes showed various activities toward two types of pathogenic bacteria are Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.


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