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Influence of Ausforming Treatment of 0.4wt%C Steel Modified With Nb On The Microstructure And Hardness Properties
تأثير المعاملة (Ausforming) على التركيب ألمجهري والصلادة لصلب wtC 0.4% مضافاً إليه عنصر النيوبيوم

Author: Hiam Razzak kadhum
Journal: Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences مجلة تكريت للعلوم الهندسية ISSN: 1813162X 23127589 Year: 2012 Volume: 19 Issue: 3 Pages: 19-25
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


In the present work the relationship between the microstructure and the hardness of the Steel both with and without an addition of niobium was studied. Investigation by direct observation using optical microscopy was carried out.The purpose of this work was to analyze the effects of the low thermomechanical treatment of ausforming on the final microstructure and hardness of steel and of the same steel modified with niobium.It was found that the deformation during low thermomechamical treatment of ausforming introduces changes in the microstructure, such as carbide precipitation, which affect the hardness of the steel.The results show that the mechanical properties of the ausformed Steel depend on the deformation temperature, amount of deformation. The addition of niobium lead to change in the hardness of the Steels investigated.

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