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Cytotoxic effect of saponins extracted from Yucca on human breast cell line (HBL-100) in vitro.


The present study was conducted to investigate the cytotoxic effects of saponins extracted from Yucca (Yucca gloriosa var. Variegata L) on humane breast cell line (HBL-100) on diffrent exposure time in vitro, by using double dilution series ( concentration between 2.44 – 5000 µg/ ml). The results showed that the cytotoxic effect of saponins dependent on amount of dose and exposure time. The concentration 5000 µg/ml gave higher growth inhibition (IR), were (73,78 and 96) % compared with control 100% after (24,48 and 72) hours respectively from exposure time, all inhibition rate begin decreases with decreases the concentration of saponins. However low concentrations of extract was found to induce the (HBL-100) cells growth and proliferation, it was between (114 to 147)% by treatment with (39.06 to 2.44) µg/ ml after 72 hours. Yucca saponins worked in tow direction ( inhibition and proliferation), this phenomena called (Hormesis).

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