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The variation of the lower anterior facial height and its component parameters among the three over bite relationships (Cephalometric study)

Authors: Saba H Al–Zubaidi --- Hussain AA Obaidi
Journal: Al-Rafidain Dental Journal مجلة الرافدين لطب الأسنان ISSN: 18121217 Year: 2006 Volume: 6 Issue: 8 Pages: 106-113
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


Aims: To evaluate the genders and over bite subjects group variation for the lower anterior facialheight (LAFH) and its component parameters in Iraqi population in Mosul City. Materials andMethods: The study was performed by using measurements on pretreatment cephalometric radiographsof 79 patients, 27 with normal over bite and 26 for each open and deep over bite. The age ranged from12–16 years with Class I dentoskeletal relationship. Results: The normal over bite group wassignificantly larger maxillary anterior alveolar ratio and the mandibular anterior and basal height inmale when compared with female. Deep bite group appeared significantly larger mandibular anterioralveolar depth in males than in females. The open bite group showed significantly larger interincisalangle in females than in males. Multiple range variation analysis of the lower facial height and itscomponent parameters disclosed no significant differences in these parameters among the over bitegroups except that the open bite group was significantly larger mean value in the LAFH andsignificantly lower mean value in the interincisal angle when compared with normal and deep bitegroups. Conclusion: The significant gender variation of the LAFH and its components of the normalover bite group were appeared in maxillary anterior alveolar depth, ratio and mandibular anterioralveolar height; whereas in deep bite group appeared in mandibular anterior alveolar depth, and in openbite group demonstrated in the interincisal angle.

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