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Evaluation of Color Stability for Two Types of Denture Base Materials: Heat Cured Acrylic and Flexible Resin.


Commonly consumed beverages used by human being daily (Tea & Cola) caused external staining. This study is done to evaluate the color stability for two different types of denture base materials against this external staining caused by (Tea & Cola).Sixty (60) samples were prepared, divided into two groups, 30 samples of heat cure acrylic material & 30 samples of flexible resin material (Valplast). Each group divided into three subgroups 10 samples in each, according to the type of staining solution that immersed in it, (synthetic saliva & tea), (synthetic saliva & Cola), and (synthetic saliva alone as a control). Tea & Cola were mixed with synthetic saliva in order to create intraoral environment to certain extent. Color measurement was made at Baghdad University, Collage of Engineering, using reflected spectrophotometer before immersion (at baseline) & after immersion, at intervals of (24 hours) & (1 week) respectively.The result was a highly significant difference between, heat cure acrylic & flexible resin at baseline & the (flexible samples) were the higher value in discoloration than (heat cure acrylic samples) regardless the type of staining solution. Maximum discoloration was seen in (synthetic saliva & tea) solution for both denture base materials. Followed by (synthetic saliva & Cola) & (synthetic saliva alone) respectively.Both denture base materials had a color changes after immersion in staining solution (tea, Cola & synthetic saliva). The color changes, for two materials, were increased with the increase of immersion time.

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