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New Address Shift Linear Feedback Shift Register Generator

Author: Kholood J. Moulood
Journal: Al-Nahrain Journal of Science مجلة النهرين للعلوم ISSN: (print)26635453,(online)26635461 Year: 2017 Volume: 20 Issue: 1 Pages: 139-145
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University جامعة النهرين


In this paper we introduced a design of new pseudo random generator, which generate binarysequences that would be used as an encryption key in Stream Cipher Cryptosystem (SCC). Theproposed generator consists of number of Linear Feedback Shift Registers (LFSR's), which areconsidered the basic unit of SCC and some nonlinear functions. The proposed cryptosystem calledAddress Shift LFSR (ASLFSR) cryptosystem. Lastly, ASLFSR generator subjects to set of BasicEfficient Criteria (BEC) to examine its output to prove its efficiency.[DOI: 10.22401/JNUS.20.1.20]

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