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Moral Language Endangerment

Author: Lec.Dr. Ramia Fu'ad Abdulazeez (Ph.D.)
Journal: AL-AMEED JOURNAL مجلة العميد ISSN: 22270345 23119152 Year: 2017 Volume: 6 Issue: 4 Pages: 109-124
Publisher: Shiite Endowment ديوان الوقف الشيعي


This paper is concerned with the concept of moral languageendangerment by which is meant the unnoticed danger that a languageis exposed to in what makes its identity at stake. It comes asan offspring of certain mechanisms the unfolding of which is themain concern of this work. Thus, the paper starts with defining theconcept of physical language endangerment and showing its strategies,then defining its counterpart, i.e. moral language endangermentby comparing it to the former spotting Arabic as a case underscrutiny. Finally, a number of conclusions and recommendations arelisted.

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