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The Status of Information and Library Department in the College of Arts/Basrah University
واقع قسم المعلومات والمكتبات في كلية الآداب/ جامعة البصرة: دراسة حالة

Authors: Qahtan Hamid Yousif قحطان حميد يوسف --- Muhammad Oda محمد عودة عليوي
Journal: Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2009 Issue: 55 Pages: 455-477
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


It has become quite necessary to start a modern study that tackles the status of the department of information and libraries in the College of Arts/Basrah Univ. It was established in 1983 nearly 25 years ago. The first batch of graduates was in 1987 when the studies of libraries developed and enlarged in Iraq in 80's. At the beginning it was only Diploma, then developed in to a B.A. and then into M.A a Ph.D. Three prominent Universities contained such a branch of studies Al-Mustansiriyah Univ., Basrah Univ., and Mosul Univ. The present study highlights the status of the dept of information and libraries in order to show the weak and strong points in this department. This will help the people in charge to and decision markers to enrich the powerful point and to remedy the weak ones, or get rid of them. The method of explaining this status is done in three main parts: The first one contains conditions of admission and secondly, the study syllabus. The third one tackles the problems and obstacles a long with the necessary suggestions that the researchers put forth. Collection the data has been done through the documents of the department, some modern studies in the field that deal with similar departments. The research is finalized by these recommendations:1.Giving a bird eye-view about the department its importance and its scientific role concerning the libraries and information centers and those who use them. 2.The necessity of finding solution for problems that the department is facing now so as to make some progress in the educational process and solving the problems that the staff members of department face. 3.Working on developing the study curriculum and modernizing it so as to cope with the modern progress in the field of information and libraries.

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