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Evaluation of some physical properties of the copolymerized temporary crown and bridge auto–cured acrylic resin (Reinforcement)

Authors: Akram A Mohammad --- Nadiaa H Hasan --- Lamia T Rejab
Journal: Al-Rafidain Dental Journal مجلة الرافدين لطب الأسنان ISSN: 18121217 Year: 2007 Volume: 7 Issue: 14 Pages: 160-165
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


Aims: To evaluate some of the physical properties which are transverse strength, tensile strength,surface hardness, water sorption and solubility of the auto–cured acrylic resin when copolymerizedwith epoxy resin at two different ratios 10% and 20% of its weight and then compared with that ofauto–cured alone and heat–cured acrylic resin alone. materials and methods: The tested samples weredivided into four groups according to the materials to be used and the samples of each group weresubdivided according to the test to be done. The samples were prepared according to ADASpecification No. 12. Statistically analysis of the physical properties was with (ANOVA) and Duncan'smultiple range test to determine significant different at (p ≤ 0.05 ) level of significance, and the meanvalue of the water sorption and solubility ratios compared with accepted limit of ADA SpecificationNo. 12. Results: The transverse strength, tensile strength and surface hardness in this study showed thatthere was a highly significant difference between the four tested groups. The result appeared improvingof the mechanical properties and decreasing the ratio of water sorption and solubility of the auto–curedacrylic resin and the resin was reinforced when copolymerized at 10%, but the values still not reachedthat of the heat–cured acrylic resin and they became worse when copolymerized at 20%.

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