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Subcostal TAP block as analgesic for open cholecystectomy

Author: Raad A. Al-Khafaji
Journal: Al-Qadisiyah Medical Journal مجلة القادسية الطبية ISSN: 18170153 Year: 2016 Volume: 12 Issue: 22 Pages: 167-170
Publisher: Al-Qadisiyah University جامعة القادسية


Open Cholecystectomy, is associated with high pain score post op.TAP block provides effective post op analgesia AimThe aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of US guided subcostal TAP block for post op pain in open cholecystectomyPatients were divided into two groups. Thirty patients received subcostal TAP block after commencing GA. Another thirty patients did not receive the block.Post operative pain was recorded in both groups , so as any possible complications like nausea and vomiting .We found that subcostal TAP block is effective , simple , and reliable as analgesia in open cholecystectomy post operativelyPatients and MethodsA total of 60 patients undergoing emergency and elective cholecystectomy were allocated into two groups : U/S guided subcostal TAP block , the A group , and the non TAP block group , the B group.All patients received same general anaesthesia drugs and technique.The A group received subcostal TAP block 5 minutes before starting surgery , a total of 20 ml , 10 ml 1% lidocaine and 10 ml 0,25% bupivacaineRescue post op analgesia was in the form of I.V tramal and diclofenac.Pain score was recorded post op , using VAS ( Visual Analogue Score ).ResultsGroup A ( 30 patients ) , received subcostal TAP block 5 minutes prior to starting surgery , and Group B ( 30 patients ) did not received TAP block. Post op pain score recorded in both groups , and showed pain score 0-2 in group A , and 6-8 in group B which received rescue analgesiaConclusionSubcostal TAP block is effective analgesic technique with opioid –sparing effect in open cholecystectomy post operatively


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