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The effect of autoclave processing on some properties of heat cured denture base material

Authors: Salwan S. Abdulwahhab سلوان عبد الوهاب --- Widad A.H. Alnakkash وداد النقاش
Journal: Journal of baghdad college of dentistry مجلة كلية طب الاسنان بغداد ISSN: 16800087 Year: 2012 Volume: 24 Issue: 3 Pages: 13-17
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: Although most of the physical and mechanical properties of denture base resin polymerized by theconventional heat polymerization have been studied, the effect of autoclave processing in these properties has notbeen fully determined. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of two different cycles of autoclaveprocessing on the transverse strength, impact strength, surface hardness and the porosity of acrylic denture basematerial.Materials and methods: Vertex was the heat- cured acrylic denture base material included in the study. A total of120 specimens were prepared, the specimens were grouped into: Control groups (Group A) in which acrylic resinsprocessed by conventional water- bath processing technique (74°C for 1.5 hours then boil for 30 minutes) andexperimental groups in which acrylic resins processed by autoclave at 121°C,210KPa.The experimental groups weredivided into Group B(Fast) for15min. , and Group C (Slow) for 30min... To study the effect of the autoclaveprocessing (Tuttnauer 2540EA), four tests were conducted transverse strength (Instron universal testing machine),impact strength (charpy tester), surface hardness (shore D), and porosity test. The results were analyzed to ANOVAand LSD test.Results: There were no significant differences between the results of the processing techniques regarding transverse,impact, and hardness tests. While, there were a highly significant difference in porosity test results.Conclusions: The autoclave processing technique might also be a good alternative to the conventional water bathprocessing technique. Regarding to autoclave processing technique, the slow (long) curing cycle provide betterdenture bases material including the tested physical and mechanical properties as compared with the fast (short)curing cycle.


Autoclave --- Transverse --- Impact --- Hardness --- Porosity

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