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Detection viral load of Parvovirus B19 in patients with Chronic Renal Failure

Authors: Sattar G. Ajeel --- Huda D. hathal --- Jawad K. mnate
Journal: Mustansiriya Medical Journal مجلة المستنصرية الطبية ISSN: 20701128 22274081 Year: 2016 Volume: 15 Issue: 3 Pages: 40-44
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


Background : Because of Parvovirus B19 that occur in patients with chronic renal failure ; Parvovirus B19 was found to be associated with or might be an aggravation factor of renal failure , we tried to find out the rate of occurrence of this virus in dialysis and non dialysis patients. Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate viral load for Parvovirus B19 was play an important role in the etiology of chronic renal failure patients Subjects and methods :A cross sectional study included Serum samples were collected from 50 dialysis patients and 50 without dialysis patients 50 normal subjects as control, and subjected for ELISA technique for detection of parvovirus IgG antibody, and multiplex Real time PCR for detection virus and viral load of this virus Results: Thirteen (26%) out of these 50 dialysis patients were positive by RT-PCR and, 16% (8/50) were positive by ELISA, while none of the controls was positive neither by RT-PCR nor by ELISA. The results of this study showed highly significant differences (p<0.001) on comparing between the median viral load in patients who had dialysis (2.38x106) copies / ml of Parvovirus B19 DNA and those who without dialysis(1.73x104) copies/ml of Parvovirus B19 DNA. Also the results of B19 by real time PCR analysis showed a significant difference (p<0.001) in median viral load in patients who had acute infection(2.87x106) copies/ml of Parvovirus B19 DNA ,than those who had chronic infection (2.29x105) copies/ml of Parvovirus B19 DNA , Conclusions Parvovirus B19 could be an important co-factor that play a role in CKD, which was higher rate in dialysis patients.

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