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Effect of Calcination on Characteristics of Nickel Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method

Authors: Emerson Pérez --- Gerson Marquez --- Vicente Sagredo
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics المجلة العراقية للفيزياء التطبيقية ISSN: 18132065 23091673 Year: 2019 Volume: 15 Issue: 1 Pages: 13-17
Publisher: iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques الجمعية العراقية لمصادر وتقنيات الطاقة البديلة والمستجدة


Nanosized nickel ferrite compound was synthesized by using sol-gel method. Significant differences in the particle size were obtained after two different calcination cycles at 873 and 1073 K. The average particle size of sample calcinated at 873K was found to be  25 nm which increases up to 120 nm on calcination at 1073 K. Low-field magnetization data show at room temperature an strong irreversibility between zero field cooled(ZFC) and field cooled(FC) cycles without a clear blocking temperature. The FC data shows a behavior typical for strongly coupled system because of the interaction particle-particle favored by the agglomeration of particles observed by the SEM micrographs. The effective magnetic moment per molecule evaluated from hysteresis loops at magnetic field of 5.5 Tesla is slightly smaller than 2μB.

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