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Optimization of the Horizontal Sedimentation Tank to Predict Turbidity Removal Efficiency in Water Treatment Plant in Iraq

Authors: Ali. Hadi . Ghawi --- Yaser. Ibrahim. Jasem ياسر ابراهيم جاسم
Journal: DIYALA JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES مجلة ديالى للعلوم الهندسية ISSN: 19998716/26166909 Year: 2018 Volume: 11 Issue: 1 Pages: 33-37
Publisher: Diyala University جامعة ديالى


The goal of this research was to design and evaluate the efficiency of horizontal sedimentation tank for water treatment using different position of baffles. Turbid water was treated using alum in the condition with and without baffle in the settling unit. Turbidity was the main determinant in assessing the effectiveness of the settling tank processes. Visualization and profiling research was done using a dye tracer. Samples were collection at different baffle horizontal and vertical height, different flow rates and turbidity with respect to time. Baffle position was found to be capable of increasing turbidity removal efficiency considerably in the settling tank by diminishing the surface loading rate and increasing the retention time. Simulation displayed that turbidity can be eliminated higher than 95%. The type of water purified using optimum position of baffle was well below the WHO guideline for drinking water of <5 NTU.

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