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Bacterial isolates associated with urinary tract infections in children
العزلات البكتیریة المرافقة لخمج المجاري البولیة للاطفال

Author: Zahrah Adnan dlakhal
Journal: Misan Journal of Acodemic Studies مجلة ميسان للدراسات الاكاديمية ISSN: 1994697X Year: 2013 Volume: 12 Issue: 22 Pages: 56-60
Publisher: Misan University جامعة ميسان


Urinary tract infections UTI are common conditions worldwide and thepattern of antimicrobial resistance varies in different regions. We describe therelationships between sex,age and isolated bacterial agents and antibioticresistance of UTIs solates . The study was confined to UTIs in children .Thepresent study were aimed to investigate the antibiotic resistance of urinarypathogens isolated from Al - Sadder Hospital .The total number of samples was(50) sample, from 22 children samples were positive for culture.The mostbacterial isolates in the present study was Enterobacter spp 6(27.2%) , Ecoli4(18.1%) , Pseudomonas spp 3(13.6%) , Escherichia spp, Staphylococcus aureus,Salmonella spp, Klebseilla spp, Citrobacter spp were 2(9.09) % andEdwardsilla spp 1(4.5%) Antibiotics resistance in the most common gramnegative than in gram positive. The high effective antibiotics were Imipenem inall isolates.

التھاب المجاري البولیة من الامراض الواسع الانتشار في العالم و ذات مدى عالي للمقاومة المضد

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