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Histological evaluation of osseointegration around titanium implants in thyroidectomized rabbits (experimental study).

Authors: Zaid M. Ali زيد علي --- Nada M. H. Al-Ghaban ندى الغبان
Journal: Journal of baghdad college of dentistry مجلة كلية طب الاسنان بغداد ISSN: 16800087 Year: 2012 Volume: 24 Issue: 2 Pages: 75-79
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: Thyroid hormones are essential for linear growth and peak bone mass acquisition. Hypothyroidismoccurs when the thyroid gland produces less than the normal amount of thyroid hormones. The present study wascarried out to evaluate the effect of hypothyroidism on osseointegration around the titanium implants screwed inrabbit's tibia.Materials and methods :Fifty four machined surface Iraqi implants were inserted in 27 male rabbits (2implants in eachrabbit's tibia ).Eighteen of these rabbits were subjected to near total thyroidectomy to induce hypothyroidism threeweeks before implantation surgery. While the remaining 9 rabbits were remain as a control group. Blood sample wastaken from each animal at the beginning of this study in order to find the normal range of T3,T4,and TSH .And anotherblood sample was taken for experimental groups to find the levels of T3,T4,and TSH three weeks after thyroidectomyin order to assess the hypothyroidism status .After 2, 4, 6 weeks after implant surgery (6rabbits from experimentalgroup and 3rabbits from the control group) were sacrificed. In the day of scarification, one of the screws wasunscrewed with a torque meter, and the peak torque required to shear off the implant was recorded. Then thedecalcified sections of the bone around the implants were studied histologically and histomorphometrically .The eyepiece reticule was used for morphometrical studies, which were includes: number of osteocytes, number ofosteoblasts, thickness and number of bone trabeculae, and thread widthResults:The results showed that hypothyroid rabbits had delay in osseointegration, bone formation and maturationaround implants in almost all rabbits in experimental groups. While the rabbits in the control groups showedimprovement in osseointegration around titanium implant. Removal torque test illustrated higher torque test value incontrol animals than in experimental one. Moreover, there were increases in torque test values in both groups withtime. Biochemical serum analysis revealed a decrease in T3, T4, and increase TSH levels in experimental animals.Conclusion: It can be concluded that there were low bone quality with a delay in bone healing around titaniumimplants in hypothyroidied rabbits compared with healthy one.

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