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السقط في الإسناد والآثار المترتبة عليه عند محدثي العامة

Author: حيدر جيجان عبد علي الزيادي
Journal: Jurisprudence Faculty Journal مجلة كلية الفقه ISSN: 19957971 Year: 2015 Volume: 20 Issue: 20/12/2015 Pages: 116-138
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


Praise be to Allah , the Lord of worlds , prayer and peace be upon his messenger and his pure household. The holy Hadith is considered the second source of Islamic legislation after the holy Quran , it is a means to interpret the holy Quran. Islamic nation , since the prophet era , was interested in writing and reciting or narrating the Hadiths and to follow its instructions , and study lives of the narrators , examine the Hadiths in the terms of acceptance and refusal according to the rules of the scientific criticizing within a very important science which is known as Hagiography . The science of validating and invalidating narrators is a science that no other nation knows. Hence the term which is known as Hadith reside , it is a science that every one who interested in Hadith had to be a acquainted with it and with it's rules to maintain the hadithes as a means to maintain Sharia. To do so we have examine the validity and accuracy . There are more than one reason that motivate me to study this subject :Firstly: to serve the holy Hadith as a means to serve the Islam and Moslims.Secondly : there is no such study to deal with validity and accuracy.Thirdly : to collect all what was written about validity which is scattered in the different resources and references.Fourthly : the research aims at approximate the opinions of Islamic sects upon accepting the narration according to the opinion of Shaik Al- Tosy.Fifthly : the researcher found that validity is a point of disagreement among the narrators and he tried to study the reasons of this disagreement. The resource on which the researcher depends are varied to be Jurisprudential , osuli and linguistical as well as the references of Hadith and its terms.

ـ السقط في الإسناد احد الأسباب الموجبة لضعف الحديث الشريف ويختلف السقط من حيث مكانه من جهة ومن حيث عدد من يسقط من الرواة من جهة أخرى فقد يكون السقط في بداية السند أو وسطه أو آخره ، وقد يسقط من السند راو واحد أو أكثر .2 ـ لم يذكر المحدثون الحديث المرفوع والحديث الموقوف ضمن الأحاديث التي يكون في سندها سقط

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