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The Effect of Application under the guidance peers and Inclusion to learn some basic skills in basketball
أثر كل من اسلوبي التضمين والتطبيق بتوجيه الاقران على تعلم بعض المهارات الاساسية في كرة السلة

Author: رموس محمد
Journal: Modern Sport journal مجلة الرياضة المعاصرة ISSN: 00911992 Year: 2012 Volume: 11 Issue: 18 Pages: 161-181
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The research aims to know the impact of each of my style application guidancepeers and inclusion to learn some basic skills in basketball, and suppose theresearcher that all of my style application guidance peers and inclusion affectpositively on learning some basic skills in basketball in question, as I supposethere is a gap as between the two methods to influence positive during learning,and the researcher used the experimental method for its relevance to the natureof the research, have been applied to study on a sample of (80) students for thesecond year of high school, where he was selected randomly were divided intotwo groups according to two methods often considered in the study and equally,Data was collected from the tests used, whether in the physical or skill after theapplication of the approach for each method, and were treated statistically usingthe t-test Student of both types to see the effect each of the two methods to learnsome basic skills in basketball and also to see if there is significant difference D.statistically between them.The results on the existence of significant differences function between testsbefore and after each method for post-test and this shows the positive impactboth in learning some basic skills in basketball, also resulted in findings of adifference D between the two methods and for the style of the application underthe guidance peers in learning a skill pass chest, while there is no differencewith respect to D. learn all the skill clapotement straight and skill correction ofstability.

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