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The impact of the failed military coup in Turkey (July 2016) on its future with the European Union
اثر محاولة الانقلاب العسكري في تركيا (يوليو2016) على مستقبلها مع الاتحاد الاوربي

Authors: د.عامر حسن ثابت --- د.جبار حسين سعيد
Journal: Journal of Anbar University for Law and Political Sciences مجلة جامعة الانبار للعلوم القانونية والسياسية ISSN: 2075 2024 Year: 2017 Volume: 7 Issue: 2 Pages: 56-72
Publisher: University of Anbar جامعة الانبار


The aim of this study is to make an overall assessment to the future of the relations between Turkey and the European Union. The subject of Turkey's incorporates to the EU Council has been discussed from different perspectives by both the two sides, since Turkey has started to apply as a member to the European Union. However, what has been happened in Turkey, namely an attempt of military coup that targeted Erdogan's government on one hand, and made Turkey go back to what)2017( بص ٣ٍ دا عِ ٣ ا٭ بٔاز عٌٍ ٍٝ ا مٌا ٝٔ ٟٔ ٣ ٜا طٌٟاضٟ ٣ - ا عٌدد ا جٌا حٌ عػس - المج دٍ ا جٌا ٠ٔ - ا طٌ ٣ٕ57came before on other hand. Despite, the painstaking efforts that made by Turkey in this regard.The findings show that incorporating Turkey to the European Union is an impossible scenario at the time, if not difficult due to the consequences had left by the coup upon the domestic political situation of Turkey towards its relations with the EuropeanUnion. Keywords: Turkey, European Union, Military Coup, Erdogan's Government,Turkey Military Institution, Detentions.

أ ِٝقٝع ا كٔ اّ تسوٟا لمج ظٍ ا٭بذادا٭ٜزب ٠ لد ٝٔلؼ ٜدٙات ظٔس بطت فٍ ٣ لب ا طٌسفٟين، رِٕ تطبٟن تسوٟا ٮٌ كٔ اّ وعكٝ فيا٭بذاد ا٭ٜزب ٠. ىٌ اِغٙدتٚ تسوٟا ٬ِخسا بضاٜ ٣ٌ ا٭ مٔٮب ا عٌطىس ١ ٜا رٌ ١ لؿد ٜزا ٧ٙاا٭طاس ٣ بحىٝ ٣ِ اٜزدغا ا عٌ اٍّ ٟٔ ٣، ٜ اِ تٌ ا ٌٟٚا تٌإ ٧ر، ا تٌي تستبت ع ٤ٍ ر٘ا ا٭ مٔٮب ٜا تٌي اعادتتسوٟا الى مٔط ٣ ا بٌداٞ ٣ فٟ اّ ٞتع نٍ بمٝقٝعا كٔ اّ ِٙا الى ا٭بذاد ا٭ٜزب ٠ ،ع ٤ٍ ا سٌغ ابزٙٝد المك ٟٕ ٣ ا تٌي بر تٌٙا تسوٟا في ر٘ا ا طٌٟاه،- ٜ ر٘ٛ ا دٌزاض ٣ تٙدك الى تمٟٟ ا عٌٮل ٣ ا تٌروٟ ٣ا٭ٜزبٟ ٣ فكٮ ع بضاٜ ٣ٌ تمدٞ ز ٫ٞ ٣ طِتمب ٍٟ ٣فٟ اّ ٞتع نٍ با كٔ اّ تسوٟا الى ا٭بذاد ا٭ٜزب ٠عد ِٚ .ٜ مٌد أظٙست ا تٌإ ٧ر أ ا كٔ اّ تسوٟا الى ا٭بذادا٭ٜزب ٠ ع ٤ٍ ٜقعٙا ابسا ٠ٌ ٝ٘ ضٟ إزٞٝ غيربضت ،َّ إ لم ٞى ؾعباً ػٌٍاٞ ٣ بطبب اِتسوٚر٘ا ا٭ مٔٮب تداعٟات أ مٌت بكٮلها ع ٤ٍ ا ٌٝقعا دٌاخ ٠ٍ ا تٌرو ٠ ٜور يٌ ع ٤ٍ ؾعٟد عٮلتٙا عِ. ا٭بذاد ا٭ٜزب ٠، و اٍّاااات فِتاسٟاااا ٣: تسوٟااااا، ا٭بذاااااد ا٭ٜزباااا ٠ا٭ مٔاااٮب ا عٌطاااىس ١، سىٝ اِاا ٣ اٜزدغاااا ،ٗ الم ٬ضطااا ٣ا عٌطىسٞ ٣ ا تٌروٟ ٣، ا٭عتما٭ت.

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