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الإرجاءقراءة في آثاره الفكرية على الفرد والمجتمع

Authors: مسلم كاظم عيدان الشمري --- د. رؤوف أحمد محمد الشمري
Journal: Jurisprudence Faculty Journal مجلة كلية الفقه ISSN: 19957971 Year: 2011 Issue: 14 Pages: 184-217
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


Marji'a (those who delay things to the Day of Judgment) emerged because of the dispute over the murder of Othman bin Affaan in 35 A. H. when people then were divided into two groups, one is for and the other is against. Marji'a had a neutral stand to support neither. They were so called because they believed both groups but delay things to the Day of Judgment and ask Allah to forgive both.
As a body, Marji'a is of two divisions. Pure Marji'a wich includes five sects: Thuobaniya, Yunisiya, Ubeidiya, Tominiya, and Ghassaniya. The other division is the Impure Marji'a which is of two kinds Qadariya (Fatal), including Gheilaniya, Shammariya, Shabibiya, Salihiya, and Khalidiya, and Jabriya, including Jahmiya and Mureiyasiya.
Their ideas spread over different countries and regions such as Biladushsam, Iraq, Khurasan, and the illuminated City of the Prophet Muhammad. Their ideas were concerned with Faith and the non-Faith or Kufr (disbelief); they have no clear and frank ideas about other topics. For them faith is a hearty affair, i.e. to know Allah by heart. Some of them said that faith is to believe in Allah by both heart and tongue; tongue is then the second pillar of faith; and work is not included in faith and not of its pillars.
Unbelievers are those who are stated so by the consensus of the Islamic nation and the unbeliever is the only one who will be immortal in Hell. A believer, for them, will be immortal in Hell even if he does deadly sins (kaba'ir) as he still believes in Allah.
Imamate is not among the basic beliefs of Islam; any well-qualified one might be Imam even if he was not from Qureish.
Allah's promise will be fulfilled but not necessarily His threat because Allah recompenses good deeds by His virtue and unfulfilling promises is a deficiency that does not suit Him. Punishment is just and Allah is free to punish or to forgive; unfulfilling threat is not a deficiency anyhow.
Imams of Ahlul-Beit (peace be upon them) stood against the ideas of Marji'a and they severely fought delaying and awaiting because it implies moral deterioration and deserting values as Marji'a claim that man is a believer the moment he heartily believes in Allah and confesses his belief by tongue only; thus no need for work or anything else

ان اهمية المرجئة على خارطة الفكر الكلامي تضهر من خلال مساهمتها في وضع بصمات فكرية معينة - بغض النضر عن الاتفاق او الاختلاف معها -خلال محطات تاريخية هامة خصوصا بعد مقتل الخليفة الثالث عثمان (35هـ)وحتى سقوط الدولة الامويةاذ تحول الارجاء من مرحلة الى اخرى جعلهم يشكلون خطرا على البلاط الاموي ويمهد لقيام دولة اخرى

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