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The Political Reforming Role of Prince Aragon Aqa in the Mongol State (٦٢٣-٦٧٣ AH/ ١٢٢٥-١٢٧٥ AD)
دور الاميرارغون أقا السياسي والاصلاحي في اصلاح دولة المغول ١٢٧٥ -١٢٢٥/٦٧٣-٦٢٣

Author: Ragd Abd-Alkreem Ahmad رغد عبدالكريم أحمد النجار
Journal: Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2013 Issue: 67 Pages: 267-296
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


The present work tackles the political and reforming roleof Prince Aragon Aqa in the Mongol State between the seconddecade and the advent of the seventh decade of the seventhcentury AH/the thirteenth century AD. It concentrates on theprince’s role in laying the foundation of the rule of KhanToorakna Khatoon and her son Kyook Khan. It tackles as wellhis role in the economic reformation during Manko Khan’sreign, the Hulague- led Mangolian campaign against Baghdadin ٦٥٦AH/ ١٢٥٨ AD and resisting Khan Buraq al-Jaghai whoinvaded Khurasan during Abaq Khan’s reign. The studyoccluded that Prince Aragon Aqa was a savior in all theseevents for the Khans he worked with until his death in ٦٧٣ AH/٢٧٥ AD.

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