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رمي الجمرات منذ قديم الدهر إلى حديثه

Author: حيدر شوكان سعيد السلطاني
Journal: Jurisprudence Faculty Journal مجلة كلية الفقه ISSN: 19957971 Year: 2011 Issue: 14 Pages: 374-400
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


Hajj is a worship ordinance with the most great benefit in the doctrinal, political, social and educational field, hence it became necessary to write about its ceremonies to form a reference for all Moslems.
Moslems are still increase in number and that means an increase in the number of those who go to Mecca to do the ceremonies of Hajj which involved modern ways of transporation and residence. This made the Saudi government did its best to get use of the modern civilizations in all different fields to reduce crowd by a number of procedures and projects such as building new storeys for Al-Masgid Al-Haram, Al-Masa'n and Al-Jamarat, widening Al-Masa'a, putting a certain numbers of hajjis for each Islamic country and moving the butcheries of minna and prevent butcher.
These changes need a jurisprudential opinion because they had not been dealt with by the previous jurist, rather there different opinions and menation that are scattered in the books of hadith and jurisprudences, so they must be collected and re – arranged, so we decided to study this subject.
This study concludes a set of results such as:
1-Al-Masaa widening is a subjective suspicion and the reference is those who have experience.
2-Al-Jamarat passed the rough different stage since the era of prophet Ibraheem (p.u.h) to the Saudi reign, the purpose is the stone position for the land and the case is still ambiguous.

ان رمي الجمرات في منى خلال ايام معدودة واوقات محددة في رقعة صغيرة لاتتسع لعدد من الحجاج كانت من اهم مشاكل الحجاج عبر التاريخ بمراحله المختلفة وتطوراته المستحدثة ومع زيادة عدد الحجاج بشكل كبير في عصرنا الحاضر بتوفر وسائل النقل الحديثة وسبل الراحة على مختلف الاصعدة وانتشار الوعي الديني اوقع الجاج في زحام وتدافع احدث خسائر كثيرة في نفوس الحجاج

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