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Optical Properties,Structure,and Morphology of CuO Grown by Thermal Oxidation of Cu thin film on Glass Substrate
الخواص البصريت والطبوغرافيت لأوكسيذ النحاس المحضر بطريقت الأكسذة الحراريت على الزجاج

Author: Amar hadee Jareeze عمار هادي جابر
Journal: Journal of Kufa - physics مجلة الكوفة للفيزياء ISSN: 20775830 Year: 2014 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 English and Arabic Pages: 36-41
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


Oxidation method was used to prepare nanostructure of cupric oxide (CuO) film. Thin film of Copper metal were deposited on substrate (quartz) in a thermal vacuum evaporator. The thickness of the film was measured to about 20 μm. The thermal oxidation of this evaporated film was done in a horizontally heated quartz furnace at temperature (400°C) in air for 4 hour. The product was tested by X-ray diffraction pattern (XRD), Fourier transfer infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, The surface properties was characterized using scanning electron microscopy(SEM),UV–vis spectrometer ,the average crystal diameter derived from the XRD data analysis is found to be 27nm and completely converts this Cu film to tenorite structure with composition of CuO with peak appeared at 2θ equal to 35.5˚, 38.7˚.The conversion was also confirmed by the FTIR spectrometer measurement. The UV–vis spectrum of the material shows significant amount of blue-shift in the band gap energy(Eg) and is found to be 3.82eV due to the quantum confinement effect exerted by the nanocrystals.

حم ححض رٍ غشاء مه اوكس ذٍ انىحاش را حراك بٍ واوى تٌ بطر قٌت الاكسذة , حم حرس بٍ معذن انىحاش عهى قاعذة مه زجاجانكىارحس بطر قٌت انخبخ رٍ انحراري بانفراغ .سمك انغشاء كان حىان 02 م كٍرومخر . حم الاكسذة انحرار تٌ نهغشاء بىاسطتحسخ هٍ زجاج كىارحس ف فرن افق اٍ بذرجت حرارة 022 س هٍ سٍ تٌ ف انهىاء نمذة اربعت ساعاث . حم دراست انخىاص انخرك بٍتبىاسطت ح ىٍد الاشعت انس ىٍ تٍ , ومط اٍف تٍ الاشعت ححج انحمراء , وانخىاص انسطح تٍ بىاسطت انمجهر الانكخروو انماسح ,وانخىاص انبصر تٌ بىاسطت مط اٍف تٍ الاشعت انمرئ تٍ وفىق انبىفسج تٍ , معذل ق اٍش حجم انبهىرة 02 واوىمخر مع ححىل كاممنغشاء انىحاش انى لاوكس ذٍ انىحاش بقمت ظهرث بسوا اٌ 35.5˚, 38.7

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