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Kissing according to sunna
التقبيل والمعانقة والقيام فــي السنة النبوية

Author: Dr. Abdulla Ahmad Abdul Aziz د. عبد الله احمد عبد العزيز الشيخ حمد
Journal: Research and Islamic Studies Journal مجلة البحوث والدراسات الاسلامية ISSN: 20712847 Year: 2010 Issue: 20 Pages: 139-173
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment دائرة البحوث والدراسات/ديوان الوقف السني


1-Kissing on faces among men is allowed. Kissing for those who come from traveling is according to sunna.2-Kissing hands for science , pious, parents, old people to show their importance is allowed.3-Kissing for judges and chief people is for bidden.4-Kissing for dead is for bidden but standing to him is allowed.5- Kissing Koran and standing to it ia allowed as those co – operated with the prophet said .6-Kissing is not related to belief or something for bidden (Buda). It is an ethic thing who does it has appraise, who doesn't do it has no punishment.7-You can not kiss your brother or friend or stand to him . don't forbid who does that. You can kiss or stand to your brother, friend . don't accuse who doesn't kiss or stand. The case has a wide range, don't make it narrow.

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