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اسباب و اثار جريمة تعاطي المخدرات

Authors: اسماعيل نعمة عبود --- محمد حسون عبيد
Journal: journal of Human Sciences مجلة العلوم الانسانية ISSN: 19922876/25239899 Year: 2016 Volume: 4 Issue: 23 Pages: 1867-1888
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


The importance of the study of the importance of the subject because the protected interest in the punishment of the crime of drug abuse represents a higher interests of the country as each of the legitimacy of criminalization and punishment in the state and the protection of social values and ideals in society represents an essential foundation indispensable for any country and then becomes necessary to determine the protected interest to criminalize drug use in order to determine the legal framework of her and then a statement to ensure criminal policy and effective to protect these interests, because you do not specify those interests and the legal framework it becomes difficult to formulate punitive texts lend criminal protection for members of the community and the importance of the study of the significance of the interests Protected criminalization of drug use through the scope of this statement of interest and lend them protection so as to provide maximum protection to them.It is a crime of drug abuse one of the biggest threats to human and because of scientific progress and technical witnessed by the world, which led to the increase in types of narcotic substances, which reflected negatively following the drug, which requires awareness and prevention notified and deterring to protect society from the harmful consequences.And it proved the scientific development of dangerous and harmful effects of the crime of drug use because of what it contains those drugs from the adverse effects on the overall health of the human being.The drugs in general may be normal and may be Tsenaih and in front of this huge number of drugs either through production or trafficking or dealing pose a problem disturbed humanity so that became the deal is a phenomenon spread in most countries of the world and about the size of the risk and spread consistently the international community to combat because it has become gain by harming the whole world.The subject of the study will be divided for the first two sections of the reasons for the crime of drug abuse and the second raised

تعد جريمة تعاطي المخدرات من الجرائم الخطرة التي تهدد الأفراد و المجتمع لكونها تمس القيم الاجتماعية و المصالح الاساسية في المجتمع، ولذلك لجئت جميع القوانين الخاصة بالمخدرات بما فيها التشريع العراقي لتجريمها فهي تشكل اعتداء على مصلحة محمية بموجب القانون . أن ارتكاب هذه الجريمة قد يعود لأسباب تختلف من مجتمع لآخر حسب ظروفه وطبيعته لكنها لا تتعدى في إن تكون اسباب نفسية او اجتماعية بالإضافة لذلك قد يعد ارتكابها لأسباب اقتصادية كما قد يسهم التطور التكنلوجي بكونه احد اسباب ارتكاب هذه الجريمة لأن التطور التكنلوجي انعكس على حياة الأفراد وكان عاملاً نحو ارتكاب بعض الجرائم.مهما كانت الاسباب التي تؤدي لارتكاب جريمة المخدرات فان لها آثار خطيرة تنعكس سلباً على الأفراد المتعاطين و المجتمع وتتمثل هذه الاثار بالأضرار الشخصية و الاجتماعية و الاقتصادية.

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