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Russian Federation: the elements of the strengths and challenges of the future
روسيا الاتحادية: مقومات القوة وتحديات المستقبل


The Russian Federation has the elements of the military, economic, technological and political power that qualifies them to exercise a prominent role in the international system, as well as the fullness of their enormous wealth of natural resources, especially energy, which represents the backbone of the economic life of the sources, these diverse sources are fundamental pillars rely on Russia in the formulation its foreign policy and its dealings with the states. Russia is trying to take advantage of the elements of the power that you have in enticing others to enter under its umbrella in order to form an international consortium supporting the aspirations of regional and international and restores its position through the inclusion in the regional and international organizations to which it belongs, which is often the leader has a role, especially since most of the regional and international organizations has international legitimacy because they are often formed within the framework of international law, not to mention would be provided by the total of the strength and safety, deter and balance against external threats element. We opted for the two models of these organizations, namely, (Commonwealth of Independent States) and (Eurasian Economic Union), so that the significance of the study here comes from being an attempt to learn the elements of Russian power and the role of foreign policy as one of the ingredients in these organizations in the era of the Russian President (Vladmaar Putin) and reasons effectiveness, departing from the hypothesis that Russia is seeking to strengthen and consolidate and strengthen those organizations through expanded for an international base through which it can regain its international status and participation in international polar configuration

تمتلك روسيا الاتحادية من مقومات القوة العسكرية والاقتصادية والتكنولوجية والسياسية التي تؤهلها لممارسة دور بارز في النظام الدولي، فضلا عن ما تتمتع به من موارد طبيعية وثروات هائلة، لاسيما مصادر الطاقة التي تمثل عصب الحياة الاقتصادية، هذه المصادر المتنوعة تعد مرتكزات أساسية تعتمد عليها روسيا في صياغة سياساتها الخارجية وتعاملاتها مع الدول. وتحاول روسيا الاستفادة من مقومات القوة التي تمتلكها في ترغيب الاخرين للدخول تحت مظلتها من اجل تشكيل تجمع دولي يساند تطلعاتها الاقليمية والدولية ويعيد لها مكانتها عبر ضمهم الى المنظمات الاقليمية والدولية التي تنتمي اليها والتي غالبا ما يكون الدور القيادي لها فيها، لاسيما وان اغلب المنظمات الاقليمية والدولية تحظى بالشرعية الدولية لانها في الغالب تتشكل ضمن اطار القانون الدولي، ناهيك عن ما سيوفره المجموع من عنصر قوة وامان وردع وتوازن امام الاخطار الخارجية .

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