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The emergence of theology uses and motives
نشأة علــم الكــلام أسبابه ودوافعه

Author: د. رزاق حسين الموسوي
Journal: Jurisprudence Faculty Journal مجلة كلية الفقه ISSN: 19957971 Year: 2011 Issue: 14 Pages: 218-237
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


Theology of prestige among Investigation Islamic philosophical thought, and between the dogmas of science on the other. Researchers have found in Islamic philosophy, Islamic philosophy include the detective following:
First, Islamic philosophy, represented by philosophers of Islam Calfarabi (d. 339 AH), Ibn Sina (d. 427 AH), Ibn Baja (d. 455 AH) and Abu-Barakat al-Baghdadi (d. 577 AH) and Ibn Tufail (d. 581 AH) and Ibn Rushd (d. 595 AH) and Canadian (died in 874 AH) and Sadr al-Din Shirazi (d. 1059 AH) It was their intention to reconcile philosophy and religion.
Second: the Study of Mysticism, which deals with the spiritual side in the canon.
Third: The Study of Theology, one of the main detective in the science of law, and will focus here on the Search

Identify the science of speech and reason and the reason named its inception, and his appearance, to get to the main objective of the

Search of reaching the founder and creator of theology.

Knew theology at the beginning of its inception, and his definition of all the assets of the defense of religion, as defined by Al-Farabi

(D. 339 AH): Iktdr industry by supporting the rights on the opinions and actions stated by commendable

The author of the faith, and that which goes against counterfeiting hearsay.

It then became known later period, as defined by a group of scientists a more detailed definition: they said that

Theology: ((flag when looking for the same God and His attributes, conditions and possibilities of the principle and the resurrection,

And related heaven and hell, and Aserat and balance, and reward and punishment)).

If we look at these two types of definitions of defense or the defense and set out and researcher on the origins of religion, we find that Imam Ali (AS) may be addressed in the sermon has touched on these and this is clear, including the impeccable can not reply but recalcitrant that the founder of theology is the Imam of the faithful (as peace) by what appeared to us of the levels of research in the science of speech, or levels of defense doctrine and the principles of religion, the establishment of the arguments and evidence, or what seemed to us from the search results in the issue of creation of the Koran and presented it, as well as Afadath science that made his students or disciples disciples imams of the doctrines or schools Kalmatzlh and Ash'aris. And our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, prayer and peace be upon Muhammad and publish.

لعلم الكلام مكانة كبيرة بين مباحث الفكر الاسلامي من جهة وبين علوم العقائد من جهة اخرى

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